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Smart Music

Online resource free now to all students, students should enter the code for their group when they go to the site. The site is https://www.smartmusic.com/login/ go to "New Smart Music" and click on the little person in the upper right hand corner and go to "join a class" You will get the option to enter the class code, codes are as follows:

Beginning Band: ZNXR3-ALDKX

Sixth Grade Band: KQC33-FHHZH

Middle School Band: XFRWG-MHEX7

High School Band: JGDXN-KUMRT

Each group will have songs to play along with the the music is provided. The system automatically grades the performances you submit, don't worry though, even a bad grade from the smart music system is evidence you completed the work and will receive a passing grade. I will add assignments to complete to each ensemble. If you join now you will still see the original assignments from two weeks ago, go ahead and start there! if you've completed work on smart music for 2 weeks, go ahead and keep moving forward!