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Welcome to 3rd Grade


Welcome to Third Grade!

Third grade is a big year for students. This will be a year of change for your child. In third grade, students are expected to work more independently than in the earlier years in school. They will be expected to focus and concentrate for longer periods of time. They will be given more responsibility in their use of time, reading on their own, and homework. 

Your child will begin to transition from learning to read to reading to learn. Students will be developing comprehension strategies to use as they move through school. Some of these comprehension strategies include: comparing and contrasting different types of text, including the characters, setting, and the character's actions; being able to summarize a story including setting, characters and how they change, plot and events; identifying the genre of stories; and being able to find deeper connections and meanings in the text that we read. Incorporated into our Reading/Language Arts  block will be a variety of writing activities to strengthen their writing and to use their writing in multiple settings with different purposes. In Math, students will develop higher level math skils, such as multiplication and division strategies, equivalent fractions and fractions on a number line, writing to explain their answers, finding perimeter and area of two-dimensional shapes, and more. Social Studies and Science are also incorporated in our day. Students enjoy the Science activities we do in Mystery Science and other in class activities.

In between all of this amazing learning going on, we have a lot of fun, too! We have celebrations such as AR Goal parties, field trips, swimming lessons, holiday parties, Ag in the Classroom, and more!

Second grade is so last year...third grade ROCKS!

-Mrs. Wolfe

-Mrs. Iben

-Ms. Smith

-Mrs. Falk