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These activities can be used to practice a variety of skills. Just plug in the letter, sight word, CVC word, number, math fact, etc. that your child is working on.

  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Write the desired skill on disposable cups.  Hide an object under 1 cup. Your child will read what is on each cup to guess where the object is hiding.
  • Write the skill on paper, index cards, or sticky notes.  Read what is on one of the papers and have your child swat it with a fly swatter or their hand.
  • Make a hopscotch board with sidewalk chalk. Write the skill inside for your child to practice as they hop.
  • Write the skill on paper and hide them around the house for your child to find.
  • Play basketball.  Write each skill on a separate piece of scratch paper.  After your child reads the paper, he/she can crumple it up and shoot it into the garbage can.
  • Tape the skill to the ceiling and turn off the lights.  Use a flashlight to read them.
  • Make a Memory matching game.  These cards can also be used to play Go Fish.