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School Counseling Programs

West Carroll Primary School

Individual      Sometimes it helps to talk to someone.
The elementary counselor meets with students individually for a variety of reasons.  Students may want to talk about problems such as friendship issues and how to be successful in school.  These meetings are scheduled to be least intrusive to the instructional day.
Small Group       Sometimes it helps to talk to each other.
The counselor meets with small groups of children who have similar concerns.  When students hear others talk about feelings or handling problems, they get ideas that they can use for themselves.  Group topics may include changing families, friendship/making friends, adjusting to a new school, study skills, stress management, etc.
Classroom Guidance      We can all learn from each other.
The elementary counselor meets with each class for guidance lessons every week.  Lessons are age appropriate and developmental in nature.  Lessons progress from one grade to the next throughout the K-4 building.
The elementary counselor meets with teachers and parents to plan for students, discuss helpful strategies for problems and to review progress.