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Web Resources and Learning Games

Reflex : Math fact fluency - Problem Solved!

This website offers a free trial and offers to purchase an app for this mathematics fact fluency.  The program offers a wide range of abilities, including a special education tab.


ISBE Website: Parent's Guide-Educational Rights and Responsibilities

Parents/Guardians can go to this site and click on the different links to help them find information about their students' educational rights.


ABCya! | Educational Computer Games and Apps for Kids

This site contains both free games and apps for sale for levels Pre-K through 5th grade.  Music and entertaining graphics help to engage students' interest in working on skills in a multitude of categories from letter/sound and number recognition for those as young as Pre-K up to reading and multiplication/division for 5th grade levels.


Just Books Read Aloud

This site has a large selection of books of varying levels, including special topics and holidays, read aloud by human readers.  Books can be chosen by level, category, author, length, language, or narrator.  Students enjoy the more personal voice of a live-human reader and remain engaged with the stories. Pictures in books as well as words are prominently displayed during the video to allow students to read along with the narrator.