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Zones of Regulation

Throughout this school year our students have been learning about the zones of regulation, and what that feels like for them. On this page will be reminders to what our zones our as well as resources and activities that students could do at home with their Zones!

Blue - Our body is running slowly in this zone. We may be feeling sad, tired, sick or bored.

Green - We are "Good to go" in this zone. We may feel happy, calm, focused, and ready to learn.

Yellow - We have lost some control of our bodies in this zone. We may feel frustrated, worried, excited, and/or silly. 

Red - We are out of control when we are in this zone. This zone is reserved for EXTREME emotions. We are mad/angry, terrified, aggressive, and/or elated. 




Ways to use your Zones at home

- Check in with your zone - Tell a family member what zone you are in daily and why 

- Play a Zones game - Check out School Counseling files for ideas 

- Choose a Disney movie to watch - Pause periodically to discuss with a family member what zone each character is in! 

- Read a book - Check out The Zones Book Nook for ideas 

- Check out this distance learning resources page on the zones website - Distance Learning

- Zones of Regulation apps Zones of Regulation Apps ($9.99 for Exploring Emotions; $5.99 for the Zones of Regulation; $12.99 for the bundle)